RADIO REVOX wereldwijde nostalgie !

 ALLE SHOWS OP DE ZWARTE SPELER! KLIK, LUISTER EN GENIET DE HELE DAG VAN RADIO REVOX; >>>>>>>>>>   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------






Greetings from ulx2 in kyev Ukraine. Verry strong signal great show  ! ulx2@ukr.net


Thanks again for the rocking and versatile music and a clear station identifications !

Please, confirm my report, if it is correct. An e-qsl would be nice too, if possible.

Davide Borroni <jebelu2002@hotmail.com>

Zo 13-5-2018, 23:22


I listened beautiful music  ,  i send my  mp3  audio file. Thanks for music free !

I use my  rx SDR RSP2 and  magnetic loop antenna 

I hope in you QSL   e-mail 


Davide Borroni

Hello Radio Revox

This evening, on May  13th at 21.10-21.40 I listened to Radio Revox on 6275 kHz. Nice mix of music without polkas and yoddell.

The reception was pretty good with a strong  S9 signal most of the time. There was  some noise on the band but no other stations interfering on 6275
SINPO:  45344

As you can hear on the attched mp3-clip

Please send me a mail and verify my reception of Radio Revox if you can identify it on the clip.

I have been listening to pirate-radio for several years but I have not heard Radio Revox before. A new station ?

Can you please tell me a little about Radio Revox? location (in what part of NL)? transmitter ? antenna? output-power ?

Have you got any reports from Sweden before this one ?

My receiver is a KIWI SDR-receiver with an 8x4 meters loopantenna  and a Wellbrook antenna-amplifier.

Location: Loo, 40 km to the north-east of Gothenburg, Sweden

I really hope to hear from you

Best Regards

Alf Persson
Nödinge, Sweden


from RAINER BRANDT                 Sunday, May 13th, 2018

Dear RADIO REVOX operator! Dear friend!
This is my first E-Mail report to your (new?) radio station!
I heard your transmission today on 6274,8 kHz just by chance.
The signal was really good, maybe good propagation towards me.
Now I hope you like my report and I hope you may be able to check
and answer it with any kind of verification!
Thus, an E-mail QSL would be great indeed! Thanks in advance!
I'm very curious about your site in ????, anyway, I'm very pleased
having heard another foreign station again here in Northern Germany!
Anyway, here is what I heard:
DATE:  Sunday, May 13th, 2018
TIME:  19.11–20.18 UTC (that is 21.11–22.18 CEST local summertime)
FREQ:  6274,8 kHz AM modulation, modulation was good
SINPO: 43443, good signal here, some QRM from 6270 kHz
Thunder and lightning QRM
PROGRAMME:    announcement heard in English by male speaker

19.17 UTC … dit is REVOX RADIO
19.18 UTC heavy instrumental guitar sound, Deep Purple?
19.20 UTC IDs by man, RadioRevox@hotmail.com, several times
19.24 UTC instrumental guitar sound
19.26 UTC new music, Billy Swan – Everything’s The Same
19.28 UTC announcements Revox, Booker T. &The MGs – Melting Pot
19.29 UTC ID by man, this is Radio Revox, echo reverb, e-mail
website is radiorevox.blogspot.com, instrumental goes on
19.37 UTC Thin Lizzy – The Boys Are back In Town
19.41 UTC Earl Bostic – Cherokee
19.44 UTC The Magic Numbers – Sweet Divide
19.49 UTC Bryan ferry – Let’s Stick Together

Unfortunately I was not able to pick up more proper details – I had to leave-
but in fact heard your station there on the short waves!!

BTW, my receiver was a SONY ICF 2001D fed into a dipole for 45 metres.
My current location is about 50 km north of Hannover, Northern Germany.

Anyway, I hope my reported details were correct for any kind of QSL!
What was the current location of this transmission and what was the power
and antenna system? And how many reports came in?

Thanks for all things in advance and take care!
Now I wish much success with your further shows and KEEP IN TOUCH!
Happy Spring 2018 and all the very best in future transmitting!

Rainer Brandt


Good afternoon!
Hello from Saratov, Russia! 
It is my first reception report for RADIO REVOX.
Unfortunately I can't listen to your signal at my place.
I listened via web sdr in the South West UK.
Thanks for music.
I hope that my reception report will be useful to you.
I hope for your answer and receiving a QSL card.

Link to video record

Hi Revox

I heard your broadcast tonight and I saw that you would like reception reports. I was listening on a Kiwi web SDR in South West England and I have attached a short recording.

Date: 13th May 2018
Time: 1930 UTC
Freq: 6275 kHz
SINPO: 55444
Receiver: Kiwi SDR in South West England

It was a very good signal from Radio Revox - the signal was strong and audio was good. I was enjoying the rock music you were playing in the programme, although I didn't recognise all the tracks you were playing. I know a lot of Dutch pirates play traditional music like polka and schlager so it is good to hear a station playing something different!

I have been listening to shortwave since the 1980s and I still like to listen to the free radio bands. This evening conditions seem to be good with many stations on the band. Revox had one of the strongest signals.

My location is in Swindon in the west of England. At the moment I listen using web SDRs in England. Good luck with your new station and I hope to tune in again.

I would also be pleased if you are able to confirm my reception of Radio Revox with your QSL, if you have one. I look forward to hearing from you.


My name is Lars Jeppesen and I live in Växjö (ex Malmö), Sweden and are listening on a SDR-Kiwi just outside the city of Malmö. Here is a recording on the signal on 6275 at 1950 UTC on may 13, 2018. Enclose a wav file on recording. If possible I would very much like a verification that I heard your station.
Enjoyed the variaty of music that was played.
I have been a DXer for about 37 years now.
Lars LHU Jeppesen, Lingonv 36, SE-352 45  Växjö, Sweden  lars_jeppesen@yahoo.se [undefined:lars_jeppesen@yahoo.se]


Malmö Sweden May 13, 2018.

Radio Revox


As my hobby is listening to distant radio stations, I was very pleased to hear your station on 6274,8 kHz from 1915 to 1940 UTC on May 13, 2018.

Signal strength was quite OK but a little unstable with some atmospheric noise but no interference from a transmitter.

SINPO: 3-5-3-3-3.

The receiver is a Kivi SDR with an 8 x 30 meters Super KAZ-antenna and Wellbrooks FLG100LN. The location is Hököpinge about 12 km south from Malmö.

Details of the transmission:

1915    Guitar solos.

1926    “Everything’s the same” Billy Swan.

1928    “Melting pot” Booker T and the MGs.

1936    “The boys are back in town” Thin Lizzy.

I also attach an MP3 recording.

Thank you very much for your nice program. I hope you can identify your program through this detail.

If you found my report correct I should be very glad to receive your QSL-card, a letter or an e-mail as a verification that I really have been listening to your nice and interesting station.

I am 79 years old I am living in the central part of Malmö which is a city with about 325000 inhabitants located in the province Skåne in the southern part of Sweden 640 km south from Stockholm and only 30 km east of the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Best greetings.

Jan Thörnblom

Kiviksgatan 5 C

S-214 40 Malmö


E-mail address:


i listen your radiorevox l ,very good signal
13.05.18   22.00  signal S 7    57444   6275  mhz am
you transmitt pop music

Pi m from north uk

s: verry clear audio

n report

IV3PGQ <iv3pgq@iv3pgq.it>

Zo 13-5-2018, 22:09


Dear Sir,

my name is Denis and I live in Pordenone, a city about 100 Km north of 
It's with pleasure that report to have listened Radio Revox the 
13/05/2018 from 19:55 UTC on 6275 kHz AM
My receiver report a signal of S6 with no interference but much noise 
due to a local thunderstorms.
The audio quality and modulation was good, the SINPO 35344

You can view a short video clip at this link --> 

The receiver, antenna, and accessory I used to monitor your broadcast were:

Receiver: Alinco DX-R8
Antenna: Gap Titan DX
Position: North-east Italy, city Pordenone.
Meteo conditions: Rain with thunderstorms, temp. 16°C

Something about me:

I have the hobby of radio since 1990.
For many years I have dedicated myself to listen all was possible, then 
in 2006 I became a ham radio operator but after five years of activity
I have returned to devote much of my free time to listening pirate, 
broadcast and utility radio stations.
I like to build antennas and small electronic circuits, for this I place 
a small basic instrumentation.
For my radio hobby i use sdr receivers like Perseus and Elad FDM-S2 
(both the producers of these two wonderful radio
are located at 50 Km from my city), Icom IC-R9000, IC-R9500, IC-R72, 
IC-R7000, Yaesu FRG7700 and 8800, Kenwood R5000 ecc.
My antenna are loop Ala 1530, horizontal triangle loop 3x25 mt with 
LZ1AQ pre-amplifier, dynamic Yagi Ultrabeam UB-50,
Vertical dipole Gap Titan dx and many wires antenna.

In the hope that this information will can be useful, if this report 
matches your station log  I would great appreciate
if you can send me a eQSL or email to confirm the listening of your 
radio station.

Thank you


73 de IV3PGQ / IV3-1258/PN




Greetings from ulx2 in kyev Ukraine. Verry strong signal great show  ! ulx2@ukr.net

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